‘Raising Hope’ Episode 2.03 “Kidnapped”

This week Jimmy and Sabrina are filming Hope who, dressed as King Kong, is destroying a cardboard city. Jimmy’s not wrong when he says that of all the videos of cities being destroyed this is by far the cutest.

There is a knock on the door and a man is there, looking for Burt. Virginia comes in and hits him on the head with the television. He’s the man who kidnapped Burt 20 years ago!

We flashback 20 years ago and see Virginia and Burt pushing their broken-down car to the gas station, a four-year old Jimmy jumping up and down at the wheel. They stop at the station and there is a man watching from outside his RV, Virginia tells Burt to keep an eye on him because she doesn’t like the way he’s looking at Jimmy, while she goes into the store. Inside she cools down in front of a refrigerator and is approached by a guy she knew from school who is now a police officer, with a massive crush. He offers her a drink of his super-size soda, which after a little persuasion she takes. When she returns to the car, she finds Jimmy alone and a teenager tells her “that hippy dude pulled a gun on your husband and forced him into his RV”.

Back in the present Virginia tells a shocked Jimmy and Sabrina that the kidnapper then made Burt pick cauliflower before he escaped and returned home. Just then Burt does return home and after seeing his kidnapper unconscious on the floor, has to make a confession: he wasn’t kidnapped.

You see he was sick of Virginia nagging him all the time about putting the milk carton back in the fridge when it was empty, leaving the toilet seat up, lying over her at night and talking to the hippy guy he saw an opportunity; to go and see the world. So he told a teenager to tell Virginia that he’d been kidnapped and set off on a road-trip around the country where he got to see ‘The World’s Largest…’ everything. Burt was living the life, selling his blood for beer money, not having to answer to anyone, that is until Jack decided he’d like to do some kissing. Burt realised it was time to go home and headed back to Virginia.

Meanwhile back at home Virginia had been struggling to life without Burt. Luckily the policeman from the gas station was on hand to help her get over him. Virginia waited for months, before Maw Maw convinced her that it was time she moved on and that she should ask the policeman to move in; just as Burt walked back through the door.

In the present day Burt’s angry with Virginia’s confession that she could move on so easily, while she’s angry that he lied about being kidnapped. Just then Jack wakes up and tells them all that it wasn’t a coincidence that he was at the gas station that day: An old lady told him to do it, in return for some kissing. All eyes are on Maw Maw who confesses that she did all the annoying things that Virginia blamed Burt for and then hired a drifter to distract him. But she didn’t stop there, ever since she’s been smearing lipstick on Burt’s collar and writing Virginia’s name on bathroom walls.

Sabrina can’t believe it “She’s been trying to break you guys up for twenty years and you’re still together?” It is pretty amazing. But when two people are meant to be together then there’s nothing you can do to break it up. Sabrina goes to the bathroom and while she’s there she gets a text from Wyatt, which Jimmy reads and then deletes. Uh oh. Somehow I think the moral of this story was that you can’t mess with fate and so I’m not sure things are going to well for Sabrina and Jimmy.




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  1. Gman

     /  November 3, 2011

    I just love the way that this show has a moral at the end but especially how they are slowly progressing the relationship between Jimmy and Sabrina. It’s odd though how some of the characters don’t have last names, like Sabrina or even Maw Maw with a first name. Honestly I wouldn’t even have time to watch TV if I didn’t get a free DISH Network Sling adapter that gives me live or recorded TV from my employee DVR anywhere I go. Now with my iPhone and Galaxy Tab I watch when I have spare time and still spend quality time with my family when I get home.


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